Sunday, July 11, 2010

Please write and demand justice....

The pictures below are graphic and upsetting, but tell the sad story....

Just a they say...

...What about a life?...a living breathing animal capable of loving unconditionally...a gift from God...

On June 23, City Animal Control received a call about a dog at a residence in the city of Florence...they found a dead a small transport the hot water...over 100 degrees...

...the dog had been there for two days...someone had asked if they could move the dog to the shade...the owner refused...

...can you even imagine how that dog suffered??? die in the hot sun...slowly...painfully...with no shade...with no water to help quench the terrible thirst... enforcement was called...a warrant was signed...there will be a case before the judge July 23...

...our hearts should be broken over this...Mine is.....

...We need to be outraged...we need to demand justice...we need to cry out for compassion...we need to make sure that no animal is allowed to suffer like this...We need to SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT...join me in this fight....spread the word about this dog...and the case that is coming against the owner...

....just a dog...they say...a precious life...I say...

...what do you say? We need to make an example of this man and send him to jail to honor the dogs all over the US that suffer like this everyday!

Even though this happened far from my home, it is close to alot of the shelters in the south that we work with. Trust me- they need all the help they can get to prosecute. Laws are not tough enough and enforced in a lot of the south. Below is the contact info for all the authorities involved in the case of the Florence, SC man who allowed this poor dog to suffer and die alone in a crate, in the summer heat with no water or shade. His hearing is scheduled for July 23. Please take a moment to contact the judge, police chief, Mayor, and local news media (information below) and ask that CHARLES BELL (owner of the dog) be given the MAXIMUM punishment and fine allowed by law; it's up to us to voice our sorrow and disgust over this needless act of neglect that cost the poor dog (we don't even know her name) it's very life, to try to prevent it from happening again & again & again. I don't know about you, but I have had enough; I am so tired of hearing these stories and I think it's time that the punishment fits the crime. Let's make sure CHARLES BELL does not walk away with just a slap on the wrist. Please be polite and professional in your communications with city officials and news media.

PLEASE CROSSPOST widely, and anyone in the Florence, SC area may want to be at the courthouse on July 23 for a peaceful demonstration.

Local contact is Jayne Boswell:

City of Florence, SC---

Mayor Stephen Wukela (

Chief of Police Anson Shells- 843-665-3191

Major Carlos Raines- Criminal Investigations Div: 843-665-3191

Judge Debbie Jackson- 843-665-3148

More information on the Police Department, City of Florence can be found at

Address for the above names:

City of Florence

City-County Complex AA

180 North Irby Street

Florence, SC 29501-3456

Letters to the editor of the Morning News here in Florence would also be good! (go to

Thanks for your willingness to get involved!


  1. The person who did this should suffer the same treatment. Punish him or her!!!!

  2. stiffer penalities are to easy, and they normally don't spend any lenth of time when they are put in jail. i don't want to support charles bell while he lives in the prision. i am for the death penility. "Eye for and eye put him in s crate in the hot sun and let him to suffer to die the way the dog did. Totally wrong and discuting what hes done. he should never be allowed another animal or even around period

  3. This is disgusting. This person should be severely punished. But as usual they get away with it.

  4. The land that produced St. Francis of Assisi ought never to let this field of hell, Charles Bell, get off lightly for his diabolic cruelty towards a helpless and voiceless creature of God!

  5. I am beyond appalled! This just happened in Phoenix to another poor dog you posted about. I cannot understand this cruelty and I'm sorry, but I don't understand why it takes people so long to call the authorities when they witness something this horrible happening. They are guilty too, as far as I'm concerned.