Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do you know someone like this?..

Nobody's Dog
Today, I found Nobody's Dog. Her ribs were beginning to show through. At first, she tucked her tail tightly and ran, Then, ever hopeful, returned with a tenative wag. I bet she was cute as a puppy. Somebody picked her out special, took her home, And made her believe she would always be loved; But some humans change their minds As often as dirty socks. Even so, the betrayed black dog is still loving them, Futilely waiting for them to come back for her She had a name once, and now she can't understand, For you see, a dog's love never dies.

Today, I found Nobody's Dog. One of millions abandoned each year by owners's who take the cowardly way out. They won't see her slowly starve or freeze to death, Be hit by a car, or live at the mercy of strangers, As she begs for a scrap of attention. Today, the Shelter rescued Nobody's Dog. There, she'll be fed, she'll be loved, and hopefully She'll be claimed by a more fitting, deserving human. If not, she'll go to an even better place, One where dogs are always loved, And are never thrown away on a cruel whim But, she still yearns........ To be Somebody's Dog once more.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Dear Animal Welfare Advocates,

Please see attached photos. These pictures were taken January 10 when ambient temperatures dipped to single digits. An animal welfare advocate stopped by the Jackson County Animal Shelter to check on the horses. The horses were standing in snow, without proper nourishment or shelter. (Please see the photo of small goat shed). As the visitor passed the dumpster, she opened it and found it completely full of dead dogs that had been stuffed into garbage bags!!! This was the beginning of a battle that continues. The battle we fight is for the lives of the animals.


PLEASE assist us in our campaign to bring aboutshelter reform, in Jackson County, WV.CLAWS (Citizens Loving Animals Within Shelters) has saved countless dogs (almost 200 within the four months our group has existed), including three horses and a number of cats. Pilots have donated their time to flying Jackson County animals to safety and we have transported by SUV, horse trailers and rented vans. BUT we have fought battles every step of the way, due to the road blocks/sabotagewe have been forced to overcome.

Dog wardens Cynthia Katris and Pat Chamberscontinue to sabotage animal rescue and our attempts at shelter reform. They “operate”without supervision of the commissioners or the sheriff. Katris said,“It is easier to kill.” (See dumpster).

The time has come to show Jackson County, West Virginia that ANIMALS’ lives matter.

We call for compassionate leadership in Jackson County, West Virginia. Please assist us in this honorable quest. The following is an outline of requests we respectfully ask you to courteously make, either by e-mail, fax or phone. Note:Please include photos with all e-mails.


CLAWS, Inc (Citizens Loving Animals Within Shelters)

1) We call for an audit of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, by an auditor from outside this state. (No supervision or checks and balances exist).

2) An investigation of the Jackson County Animal Shelter by the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy

3) The hiring of a responsible and compassionate individual to act as Director of the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Applicants must have expertise in dog handling/evaluation, horse welfare/rehabilitation and RESCUE.


*** Joe Pitts, Jackson County Commissioner –


* Tommy Nutter, Commissioner (in charge of Jackson County Animal Shelter) 304-273-4092

Cell: 304-532-6956

* Don Stephens, Jackson County Commissioner – 304-273-3477,

*** Jackson CountyCommissioners – 304-373-2222


*** Governor Joe Manchin:

Toll Free 1-888-438-2731


Prosecuting Attorney: James P. McHugh

304-373-2270 FAX: 304-372-3096

WV Attorney General:800-368-8808

Phone: (304) 558-2021


Karen Facemyer: Capitol Phone (304) 357-7855
usiness Phone: (304) 428-1622

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito: Washington -Phone:(202)225-2711
ax: (202) 225-7856

Senator Robert Byrd:Charleston Office

300 Virginia Street, East

Suite 2630

Charleston, WV 25301

Telephone: (304) 342-5855

Fax: (304) 343-7144

Senator Jay Rockefeller:531 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-6472

(202) 224-7665 Main Fax

E-mail Scheduler

Congressman Nick Rahall: WashingtonOffice

2307 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515

(202) 225-3452

Scott Varner: Phone – 304-340-3187

Pedigree's new campaign to help shelter dogs

Shelter dogs aren't broken. They've simply experienced more life than most dogs.
But do not pity them. Instead, help them.
Help us help them. Save a life.

That is the campaign for Pedigree's new campaign to promote shelter dogs. Pedigree donates money to feed and help promote the adoption of dogs in shelter's throughout the US when you buy their food. Even though I don't feed my dog's Pedigree, I think it's a wonderful campaign for a good cause. Their link has coupons for some good deals on their products. See below.

View the link to their video here:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Precious the Pitbull

Precious' story is not unusual. A beautiful, sweet, and gentle pitbull was tied up to a logging chain. This is very common in the south. I always try to reason with people and ask them,
"Would it be okay if I chained your child up outside all day and night with a logging chain?" But sadly, a lot of people don't view animals as living creatures with feelings. To them, they are easily discarded. It's amazing how many people discard their valuables isn't it?
I got the photo of the chain from my friend in rescue Nikki Masters. She and I work together helping to save our southern dogs. She knows Precious and how sweet she is.

Precious is part Boston Terrier, part Stafford. Precious escaped from being chained up with a 11# logging chain. She was found dragging that chain and she at the time weighed 33#. She is sweet, loves people and kids. Very active and still very young. The only thing wrong with Precious, is the owners that had her.
She has had a very rough start in life and deserves so much better than what she has had thus far.

Below is a photo of the logging chain. Notice the big connector that was on the end of the chain, looks like what you hook on the back of a trailer hitch. That connecter was attached to the collar. That piece alone was heavy. This chain is on display in the shelter in GA where precious was taken with a sign below it saying "this is animal cruelty".

If you are interested in adopting Precious, you can email me at for more info.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Life of a Shelter Dog

The Life of A Shelter Dog

He was a typical dog abandoned all alone
never had a human he could call his own.
He was left on the streets and was beaten and hurt,
always had to dodge cars so he stayed very alert.

He dreamed of being loved and living in a caring place
with a kind, gentle human that would enjoy getting licked on the face.
One day a lady found him and brought him to the pound.
He was scared and frightened of all the barking dogs around.

He wagged his tail every time someone came by his kennel,
in a way to say "Pick me, I'm the dog for you"
but all the people just walked by,
he knew his dream would not come true.

He sat in his cage as the days passed him by.
Another day came, it was his turn to die.
The dog warden came with a leash held in hand.
She had tears in her eyes, he did not understand.

He walked up to greet her, his tail wagging fast.
Was as friendly as could be, despite his rough past.
As she walked him into a room he knew something was not right,
she told him she was sorry, then hugged him real tight.

He then looked at her with his trusting brown eyes,
because of careless people this dog had to die.
He would have made a wonderful friend.
Just another of God's gifts whose life had to end.

The dog wagged his tail as he walked through Heaven's gate.
He now had a home, He no longer had to wait.

By Augusta DeLisi

Update on the puppies...And then there were two-Meet Alley and Abraham

We started with five puppies. One passed away on it's way to us from GA. The next one died in the wee hours of the morning, and the third one named Solomon went into cardiac arrest yesterday morning. However, I am happy to report that the 2 survivors, Alley and Abraham, are doing GREAT. They were released last night from MEAC (the Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic) to their foster home. Luckily the foster is around the corner from the ER and our regular vet. (Thank you Dina!) They will be in quarantine for another 2 weeks, but at least it will be in a home environment. I saw them wag their tales for the first time ever last night. It was wonderful to see. That is what makes it worth it. They still have a long road ahead of them. Fighting pneumonia and parvo at the same time has wrecked their GI track and weakened their immune system. But they have gotten through the worst of it. These are special babies.
Here are some photos and video of them from last night. We are still trying to raise money to cover our exorbitant costs. Please go to our site to donate at if you can. These puppies will go on to live healthy and happy lives in memory of those that didn't make it. These other puppies deaths were not in vain. RIP sweet babies.

Videos of the babies:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



This is a dire plea for help. As most of you know, part of rescue is not giving up on an animal-especially ones that you have made a commitment to. That is what we do. We do not give up. The photos below are of our latest rescues that have come to us from Georgia. They are very sick right now, and honestly it's touch and go. These puppies have been named Alley, Abraham, and Solomon -strong biblical names to give them the strength they need to pull through. Little did we know when they were transported to us, that they would have SEVERE, life threatening pneumonia. We had 5 puppies, and 2 of these angels unfortunately did not make it. One passed away on the transport to us, and the other one passed this morning. We need to raise money to help the 3 remaining babies to help save their lives. They are currently at the Metropolitan Emergency Vet where they are in an oxygen chamber (photos below) to help them breathe. We are doing everything to save them, but we need your help. Our bill is in the thousands right now, and we are running low on funds.

PLEASE, help us save our puppies and give them a chance at the life they deserve! They have come this far and to lose them now would be heartbreaking.

They are continuing to fight and improve. Please allow them a chance at the life they deserve.

Here's how you can help us if you can-

Call Metropolitan Animal Hospital at 301-770-5225 and tell them you want to help pay towards the bill for the Mutts Matter Rescue


Contribute via Pay Pal on our website:

Thank you so much for your help.

Melanie Samet and Julie Futrovsky

These are our babies in their oxygen chambers. Please pray for them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Dogs for Adoption

Below are some pics of the dogs that are in need of homes with our rescue. Here are some photos below.If you, or anyone you know is interested in adopting, visit our site at:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sad Photo Spurs Animal Adoption

UBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A picture of a New Mexico dog up for adoption has spurred hundreds of friendships and one very special union in Lubbock.

"It was a very emotional photo," Amanda Green said. The one-year-old, American Pit Bull Terrier named Mary Jane arrived in Lubbock, excited to meet her new family. (Photo below)

The new surroundings made her a little timid, though not nearly as shy as she appeared in the photo that led to her adoption. It showed Mary Jane sitting in the corner of her kennel at the Lovington, New Mexico animal shelter.

"I thought, well nobody is going to notice her, because they can't see her face," Green said. Green is the Hobbs, New Mexico representative for the animal rescue group Dogs Deserve Better.

Green fostered Mary Jane, after the dog was removed from a home in Lovington, where she was left chained and abandoned in a backyard. Green says the owners left Mary Jane when they moved away.

"I initially just helped her cross post it," Green explained. Animal rescue groups and others who just want to help, post pictures of animals in need on different Internet sites, and Mary Jane's picture caught a lot of attention.

"She got hundreds of emails," Green said. The photo was so powerful, that a Connecticut man created a Facebook page just for Mary Jane. "Last time I checked, she has about 360 friends," Green said.

That's how Janet Jackson, from Jackson, Mississippi fell in love with a dog she'd never met. "Mary Jane stole my heart," Jackson said.

"This picture of this girl in the corner with a broken spirit, it prompted me to fall in love and drive 15 hours to get her," Jackson continued.

"She (Jackson) brought her dog Bob with her, because Mary Jane needs to be in a home where there is another dog, because she looks to other dogs as her role model," Green said.

Everyone met up Wednesday morning. The dogs got along like old friends, and Jackson says the decision has forged a life-long friendship with Green and other animal lovers across the globe.

"I keep getting so many friend requests on my Facebook now, because everyone knows I'm adopting Mary Jane and adores her," Jackson said.

Jackson did have to go through an adoption process before she got to make Mary Jane a part of her family. Green says she expects Mary Jane will continue to grow out of her timidness with the help of her new family.

This is the dog now. Happy!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Annual Potomac Valley Peke Rescue Picnic

Every year I attend the PVPC picnic. It's a wonderful time to reconnect with club members, friends, and of course Pekes. Below are some of the photos from this year's picnic. Some are photos of pekes that have been adopted, and some that are being fostered. If you are interested in adopting one of the amazing pekes you see, visit their website at to Jeanne on her award for MVPP. Great seeing everyone!!