Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sad Photo Spurs Animal Adoption

UBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A picture of a New Mexico dog up for adoption has spurred hundreds of friendships and one very special union in Lubbock.

"It was a very emotional photo," Amanda Green said. The one-year-old, American Pit Bull Terrier named Mary Jane arrived in Lubbock, excited to meet her new family. (Photo below)

The new surroundings made her a little timid, though not nearly as shy as she appeared in the photo that led to her adoption. It showed Mary Jane sitting in the corner of her kennel at the Lovington, New Mexico animal shelter.

"I thought, well nobody is going to notice her, because they can't see her face," Green said. Green is the Hobbs, New Mexico representative for the animal rescue group Dogs Deserve Better.

Green fostered Mary Jane, after the dog was removed from a home in Lovington, where she was left chained and abandoned in a backyard. Green says the owners left Mary Jane when they moved away.

"I initially just helped her cross post it," Green explained. Animal rescue groups and others who just want to help, post pictures of animals in need on different Internet sites, and Mary Jane's picture caught a lot of attention.

"She got hundreds of emails," Green said. The photo was so powerful, that a Connecticut man created a Facebook page just for Mary Jane. "Last time I checked, she has about 360 friends," Green said.

That's how Janet Jackson, from Jackson, Mississippi fell in love with a dog she'd never met. "Mary Jane stole my heart," Jackson said.

"This picture of this girl in the corner with a broken spirit, it prompted me to fall in love and drive 15 hours to get her," Jackson continued.

"She (Jackson) brought her dog Bob with her, because Mary Jane needs to be in a home where there is another dog, because she looks to other dogs as her role model," Green said.

Everyone met up Wednesday morning. The dogs got along like old friends, and Jackson says the decision has forged a life-long friendship with Green and other animal lovers across the globe.

"I keep getting so many friend requests on my Facebook now, because everyone knows I'm adopting Mary Jane and adores her," Jackson said.

Jackson did have to go through an adoption process before she got to make Mary Jane a part of her family. Green says she expects Mary Jane will continue to grow out of her timidness with the help of her new family.

This is the dog now. Happy!!


  1. Just met the new family member~a pretty 9 week old lab mix female, one of Mutts Matter's GA litter rescues. Her new family is over the moon about her! She is one lucky little girl, from foraging in the woods to a devoted forever home. Well, done!

  2. She is beautiful. I know you'll find her a home soon. Thanks for all you do!