Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do you know someone like this?..

Nobody's Dog
Today, I found Nobody's Dog. Her ribs were beginning to show through. At first, she tucked her tail tightly and ran, Then, ever hopeful, returned with a tenative wag. I bet she was cute as a puppy. Somebody picked her out special, took her home, And made her believe she would always be loved; But some humans change their minds As often as dirty socks. Even so, the betrayed black dog is still loving them, Futilely waiting for them to come back for her She had a name once, and now she can't understand, For you see, a dog's love never dies.

Today, I found Nobody's Dog. One of millions abandoned each year by owners's who take the cowardly way out. They won't see her slowly starve or freeze to death, Be hit by a car, or live at the mercy of strangers, As she begs for a scrap of attention. Today, the Shelter rescued Nobody's Dog. There, she'll be fed, she'll be loved, and hopefully She'll be claimed by a more fitting, deserving human. If not, she'll go to an even better place, One where dogs are always loved, And are never thrown away on a cruel whim But, she still yearns........ To be Somebody's Dog once more.

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