Friday, May 14, 2010

The Life of a Shelter Dog

The Life of A Shelter Dog

He was a typical dog abandoned all alone
never had a human he could call his own.
He was left on the streets and was beaten and hurt,
always had to dodge cars so he stayed very alert.

He dreamed of being loved and living in a caring place
with a kind, gentle human that would enjoy getting licked on the face.
One day a lady found him and brought him to the pound.
He was scared and frightened of all the barking dogs around.

He wagged his tail every time someone came by his kennel,
in a way to say "Pick me, I'm the dog for you"
but all the people just walked by,
he knew his dream would not come true.

He sat in his cage as the days passed him by.
Another day came, it was his turn to die.
The dog warden came with a leash held in hand.
She had tears in her eyes, he did not understand.

He walked up to greet her, his tail wagging fast.
Was as friendly as could be, despite his rough past.
As she walked him into a room he knew something was not right,
she told him she was sorry, then hugged him real tight.

He then looked at her with his trusting brown eyes,
because of careless people this dog had to die.
He would have made a wonderful friend.
Just another of God's gifts whose life had to end.

The dog wagged his tail as he walked through Heaven's gate.
He now had a home, He no longer had to wait.

By Augusta DeLisi

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