Thursday, May 20, 2010

Precious the Pitbull

Precious' story is not unusual. A beautiful, sweet, and gentle pitbull was tied up to a logging chain. This is very common in the south. I always try to reason with people and ask them,
"Would it be okay if I chained your child up outside all day and night with a logging chain?" But sadly, a lot of people don't view animals as living creatures with feelings. To them, they are easily discarded. It's amazing how many people discard their valuables isn't it?
I got the photo of the chain from my friend in rescue Nikki Masters. She and I work together helping to save our southern dogs. She knows Precious and how sweet she is.

Precious is part Boston Terrier, part Stafford. Precious escaped from being chained up with a 11# logging chain. She was found dragging that chain and she at the time weighed 33#. She is sweet, loves people and kids. Very active and still very young. The only thing wrong with Precious, is the owners that had her.
She has had a very rough start in life and deserves so much better than what she has had thus far.

Below is a photo of the logging chain. Notice the big connector that was on the end of the chain, looks like what you hook on the back of a trailer hitch. That connecter was attached to the collar. That piece alone was heavy. This chain is on display in the shelter in GA where precious was taken with a sign below it saying "this is animal cruelty".

If you are interested in adopting Precious, you can email me at for more info.

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