Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A follow up to the Michael Vick Case

I just started reading a fascinating book by Jim Gorant called, The Lost Dogs-The Michael Vick dogs and their story of rescue and redemption. I know the story about what happened has been told over and over. It can't be told enough as far as I'm concerned. I know that God says we should forgive, but I just can't in this situation. When I read the first two chapters of this book, it told it from the standpoint of someone who was actually at the fights and was involved with what happened to these poor dogs. And although I have seen videos, it is something you never ever get used to seeing or reading about. This barbaric blood sport is beyond cruel. People that do it or participate,or attend, should be put in jail for life. OR better yet, let their punishment be the same as their crime. Let's electrocute and drown them. Or make them fight to their death against their will....
But that is not what this blog is about today. It is about the dogs that DID make it out of there. One dog has gone on to be atherapy dogs. Most live normal lives in homes with children and are loved for the first time in their lives. 47 of the 51 dogs made it out. This book shows what happened to the dogs that did make it out. I suggest this book to anyone interest in learning what happened to these great dogs. Here is a link to an interview they did on the book and the Vick dogs last week. A great read and a happy beginning for these deserving dogs.

Just remember, The "fighting dog" has few friends.

They live lives of brutality and unspeakable cruelty at the hands of those who gamble on their deaths, while betrayal and death await them at "humane" societies if they are "rescued".
These animals are victims of cruelty. Help end this ugly sport and fight BSL.
These dogs deserve a chance like any other. Their only crime was being born a pitbull.

Don't support "humane" groups that don't include these dogs in their circle of compassion.

Read more about the Vick dogs by reading this book.


  1. I know a vet tech who said every single pitbull she has ever seen at the vet's is SUPER SWEET. I'm happy for the dogs who made it out and have found new, loving homes. So much for the theory that pitbulls can't be trusted as a pet once they've fought.

  2. Hi there,
    Your blog is harder to read than mine. If you stop by...click the picture of the puppy in my sidebar. That will lead you to my "animal" blog. I've read through your blog and cried. All of our dogs and cats are rescues. I talk and talk to everyone I know, but some just won't listen. "I'm giving away my small dogs because I'm ready for a big dog". What's up with that? Others say "don't tell me any stories..I can't stand to hear it" Then look the other way.
    Thank you for this blog and what you're doing.