Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Justice for Baby Justice

Today was one of those days where I woke up and had that awful feeling in my stomach. I was hoping to hear good news today that Justice, the pug that was hit by a car, had made some improvements over night. Unfortunately, he had once again deteriorated. It had been 5 days, and still no progress. No feeling in his lower body, no anal tone, no ability to defecate or urinate on his own, his spine had become necrotic...he was suffering. All that could be done was to keep him comfortable and drugged up on pain meds and sedatives to help him sleep. He could not get comfortable no matter how he tried to lay. He was broken inside, and noone could fix it. No vet, no specialist. God had other plans for Justice....
It makes me so angry that someone let this dog out and let him get hit by a car. It makes me angry that he laid in the middle of the road suffering before finally a good samaritan took him to the ER. He deserved better. Today we let him go. He crossed over the rainbow bridge, and won't suffer any longer. He will not be in agony any more. This is the hardest part of rescue. When you do all you can, and you still can't save them. It's hard to have to be the one to make that decision about letting an animal go. For selfish reason, I want him to stay with me forever. But I know in my heart that he had already left us. He looked at me with pleading eyes as if to say "Please let me go. It hurts too much". He is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Some touch our hearts and take a piece of us when they go. Justice did that. He will always have a piece of my heart. I love you Justice. May you finally rest comfortably. I will see you again one day.


  1. At least he's not in anymore pain - I hope he's running around with all the puppies who've gone before him.

  2. So sorry to hear that about Justice and I'm sorry your hearts are hurting. You are an angel Mel and I think Justice was very blessed to be able to spend his last days with you guys. Love you Melly. Love, Val

  3. Oh my goodness... As a fellow pug owner/lover, my heart breaks for this little guy. What a sad story. I can't help but shed tears as I read this. I've been following on FB hoping to read about some good news with his condition. Thank God for people like you. You tried your best but as you said, God had other plans for him. You did a wonderful thing.

  4. This breaks my heart- I'm so sorry for these little one. We all want to fix them and it's so hard when we can't. In rescue, that IS the rough part. I've been there, but it's never easy. Thank you for all you did for him.

  5. The poor baby will always be missed, but Justice will always be loved! We can go against the choice of God, and God decided he wanted Justice back with him. Now God has Justice, the wonderful sweet pug.

  6. Justice and Seal (a young gorgeous black Pug pulled by MAPR also from BARCS who died days after vets couldn't help his months of painful neglect). Two Pugs playing together in heaven no longer in pain. This is the frustrating part of rescue but you can ease the pain knowing the dog had someone to hold him, comfort him, pet him and love him in the end.

  7. I hope Justice finds the peace and comfort he deserves on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Know that you did everything you could Mel, and that taking away his pain was your final gift to him.

  8. I found your site through b-free weekly and love what you do-I am an animal lover and know too well about lost of a beloved friend -always know that the love you showed Justice will always be felt and remembered-that is why he found his way to you-I am still crying having read his story and Thank God for a loving soul like you.

  9. Makes me sad...I'm crying now...
    I saw a car in front of me accidentally hit a squirrel on Friday, and it was still alive, yet thrashing around, and I wanted to stop and get it out of he road so it wouldn't get hit again (the road was very busy, though).
    It eventually shook it off and ran away, but I cried for the next hour!
    I love animals very much, too!
    We have two ferrets that are my babies!
    I posted about them here, if you wanna see:
    It's so nice to meet you and thank you for coming to my "home".
    HUGS and blessings from South Carolina!