Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bailey the pug and The Gretz Family

Our rescue has been working very hard to help as many dogs as we can in the south. They have much more trouble adopting out dogs the further south you go. Spay and neuter are not common terminology there. I met a woman named Debbie Gertz (through my friend Tina) who was trying to transport a 10 year old blind pug here from SC. My good friend and fellow rescuer Tina Arndt helped connect us to get the pug here. After talking, she sent me some photos of her clan. She has quite the crew. Several pugs, a mastiff mix, and a terrier. (Hope I didn't miss any). What struck me most was a dog named Bailey that she spoke about.
Bailey was a sweet girl who was an owner surrender. When Debbie went to pick up Bailey, the owners did not bother to tell her that the dog was paralyzed from her middle back.

"When I met them in a parking lot, they said “oh, by the way, she can’t walk”. She had dragged sores all over one side of her body. I got in touch with Pets with Disabilities and they put me in touch with Eddies Wheels. Eddie had a used wheel cart that he adjusted to her measurements and sent to me. I popped her in it and walked in front of her with a few treats and she was off and running. I was so thrilled! She was so happy and running all over the place, playing with the other dogs and even Spartacus. The most wonderful women drove from NC to adopt her, and now Bailey spends her days in a rehab center for children, where she inspires all who meet her."

I just love this story because it shows you that there is someone for every dog out there and that there are people that do care. Look how Bailey is now inspiring others because of her disability.

Thank you Debbie for giving all that you do for so many dogs in need!

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  1. Dogs give SO much to us. I love this story-- and Tina is the best!!!