Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is what abuse looks like

I am in several yahoo groups, and I get emails daily about dogs in need from various areas. I've seen cruelty, abuse, neglect, all of it...It's hard to choose which ones to help since they all are so deserving. Every case deserves care.
But when this email came today, I had to stop and take pause.
THIS is the face of abuse. THIS is the face of neglect. This poor dog was so matted that it couldn't even eat and could barely breathe. His mouth was matted shut.
This dog was thrown away like trash. So after all the abuse this poor dog suffered through, it was then discarded in a high kill shelter where it could suffer it's last few days on this earth.
This poor animal had to be shaved down just so they could get to his face.
How can we as a society allow this kind of thing to go? Surely anyone that would have seen or come into contact with this dog would (or should) have questioned that maybe something was wrong...Anyone with a pulse can see that. How can this be the best that we can do?
Surely any living creature deserves better than what this animal had to endure.....
How come noone came to this dogs rescue BEFORE it got this bad. Someone should have come forward and stepped up to be this dogs hero. So where were they? Cleary they never came...


  1. Sadly sometimes these animals are hidden frm view, or the owner is such beast, that they make it scary to report them. Im not saying it justifies what the abuser did, but I'd think LONG and HARD before reporting my neighbor, the down side I could be finding dead dogs, or cats before I know it. Poisoned? Trapped and killed? Trapped and dumped in a river or lake to suffer through drowning? Anti-freeze "accidentally spilled oon my property so my dogs ingest it? Pieces of meat thrown on the property and infused with somethign toxic?? the list goes on and on!! All the above, have happened at some point, not to me, but to others I've talked to. It's scarey as hell you almost can't own a pet and be in animal rescue espcially if you are going after ppl on your street or road. Just a thought... Was the person elderly?? incapable of taking care of the dog? Dying, and no family to look out for them? or was it blantant abuse? Just some thoughts Dawn

  2. Can you get a picture of what it looks like now? Did a rescue get it??