Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More on a shelter dogs life....

My name is "worthless mutt" even though I have also been called "Dumb Dog", "Flea Bag" or more recently "adult mixed breed" and I'm a stray dog who was found by an animal control officer when I was trying to find ...food in somebody's garbage can. I'm starving, skinny and scared. I'm 2 years old, and my whole life was spent in the backyard of my owner's house, chained to a tree. One day my owner didn't want me anymore and left me on the side of the road. I tried to chase after him in the car, but he was too fast and I almost got hit. I'm not that beautiful. I'm a pitbull mix like most of the other dogs here.

My ears are flea bitten and you can count all my ribs. Most people will pass me by because of my emaciated body and my breed's reputation. I know it's time for me to go to heaven and I accept this. I will die with dignity... but apart of me still secretly wishes a kind hearted person would stop at my cage for once and pick me to go home with them. Some of the other dogs talk about having warm beds to sleep in, and bowls full of food everday. They talk about how they miss their owners and being pet, belly rubs, scratches behind the ears, playing fetch and going for walks to the park. I wish I had a home with these things. I wish I had at least had an owner who loved me enough to take care of me, then I could die knowing, at least, I was loved at some point. I want to be loved so badly. But everyone keeps walking by, glancing at me and shaking their heads. If someone would just give me a chance I would be the best dog ever. I would love them forever and be eternally greatful. Since I have been here, more and more dogs disappear and new ones have come in. I heard one shelter worker say I will be next if no one adopts me by tomorrow. They say it won't hurt and I shouldn't be scared. There will be angels in heaven that will meet me at the rainbow bridge...I guess they mean, since I have no one to wait for, but I still wish... I know a large pitbull mix like me shouldn't have hope in a place like this, but I can't help it. I feel there is someone out there who will love me, I just hope they come in time because my time is almost up and I am scared.


  1. I think adopting a not-so-desirable-at-first-glance dog, nursing him back to optimal health with high-quality food, teaching him how to trust again, and getting to see him transform into a magnificent, healthy animal with confidence once more is the most rewarding experience ever.

  2. Hopefully there will be a day when pet stores at the mall don't get their dogs from puppy mills. But rather, they will get them from shelters, or especially rescue groups like yours. Keep up the good work!