Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some before and after moments....

Running a rescue can be quite emotionally draining. But there is alot of upside too. The rewards are seeing the successes. Looking into the eyes of a dog that was once broken inside, now living a life filled with love and happiness. I have attached some before and after pictures. These are the moments that remind me of why I continue doing what I do everyday. These are just a few. To date, we will have saved over 250 dogs this year. Next year we want to triple that!
This is Tinkerbell...before at the shelter, and now below.
This is Lulu with her wonderful new family. There were no "before photos since her prior "owners" didn't think enough of her to give her even that.
This is Marshall. He was one of our embedded collar dogs. He lived his life on the end of a chain. He now lives on several acres in with his brothers and lives the life off of a chain.

This is Precious. She came out of a shelter in PG Co. She was limping and in a lot of pain. We came to find out that he leg was literally hanging off. It was from someone picking her up by the leg and they dislocated it. So we amputated it and freed her of the pain she was in. She now lives in Pikesville, MD where she is adored and loved tremendously.

These are a few examples. This is what makes me say I'm thankful this year at the Thanksgiving table. (among other things)

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  1. I'm clicking around on your website. And I hear your love. It comes from deep inside you. And you release it for all. And I've been imbibed. You express your love for the innocent even when nobody comments. And I appreciate that. It touches my heart. And I want you to know that it makes me want to be a better person. Thank you.