Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Pets "Bill of Rights"

1.) We Have the Right to be Full Members of Your Family.. We Thrive on Social Interaction, Praise & Love.
2.) We Have the Right to Stimulation.. We Need New Experiences, Games, Toys, & New Smells to be Happy.
3.) We Have the Right to Regular Exercise.. Without it, We could become Hyper & Sluggish.

4.) We Have the Right to Quality Health Care.. Please Stay Good Friends with Our Vet.
5.) We Have the Right to Have Fun.. We Enjoy Acting like Clowns now & then; Don't Expect Us to be Predictable ALL The Time.
6.) We Have the Right to a Good Diet.. Like some People, We don't know what's Best for Us - We Depend on YOU.
7.) We Have the Right NOT TO BE REJECTED Because of Your Expectation that We Be Great Show Dogs, (or Cats) Watchdogs, Hunters, or Baby-Sitters.
8.) We Have the Right to Receive Proper Training.. Otherwise Our Good Relationship could be Marred by Confusion & Strife - We could become Dangerous to Ourselves & Others.
9.) We Have the Right to Guidance & Correction.. Based on UNDERSTANDING & COMPASSION - Rather than Abuse.
10.) We Have the Right to LIVE WITH DIGNITY.. (and to Die with Dignity when the Time Comes.
** Dogs shown are Tyson and Bear-both new rescues to Mutts Matter

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