Monday, August 23, 2010

Updates at MMR

I haven't had much time to blog. Between rescue, transports, applications, and owner surrenders-well there just isn't enough time in the day to blog about rescue. I am living it every day. I just thought I would post some photos of some of our dogs that have recently come in, and the ones that have been around for a while, along with some updates.
Below are some photos of Zoey. Remember Zoey? She was our English Bulldog that came out of the puppymill in NC. I drove to the VA/NC border to get her. She was a mess. Sad and broken on the inside and out..

The two photos above were taken in July when she first came into MMR. She has demodex mange and numerous health issues. She looks sad and she probably felt even worse. She lived the first few years in a cage as a breeder dog. No love, no vet care, just a breeding machine.

The photos above are Zoey now! Look at the amazing difference love and care can do. Her foster mom took these. Most of her hair has grown back and I think I can see a smile here. Can you? She is doing GREAT! So thank you to all that helped foster her and nurse her back to health. THIS is what rescue is about and what makes all the heartache worth it.
This little one above is Lil bit. She arrives on Wednesday from TN. I adopted her sister Shiloh.
Lil Bit will need a patient owner, and someone that understand shy dogs. She needs some confidence. She tends to flatten out when someone goes to pet her. She is just scared and needs to learn to trust. She is going to hang out here with me and our pack for a while.

I got the photos above from Ruby's foster mom Debbie. (thank you Debb) Ruby is the boxer we got out of a VA shelter. She is heartworm positive, but going for her last round of treatments next week. She is being fostered with several pugs and a Mastiff. She is still looking for a forever home and will make a wonderful addition and couch buddy. You can apply for her on our website at I love that she is trying to squeeze into the pug bed in the bottom photo :-) She will need to go to someone with boxer experience.

Last but CERTAINLY not least is our adorable Oreo. Oreo came out of Athens, GA. His mom was used for dog fighting. Oreo (we think) was used as bait b/c he wouldn't fight. He came in covered with bad scarring all over him. He was also terrified and would shake and flatten himself when people came near him. But he has made remarkable strides thanks to his wonderful foster family. These kinds of cases need experienced pitty fosters. So we were lucky we had someone to help us with him. He is now trusting of people and really enjoying his foster family. He is even playing with toys now. Look how adorable he is. Oreo is looking for his forever home still. Sadly, pitbulls are so misunderstood and therefore usually stay in rescue longer than most of our other dogs. Pits are usually some of the sweetest dogs. I hope someone will open their heart to this wonderful dog soon. He deserves a chance..but then again, they all do.

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  1. Sweet Zoey looks so much happier. They are all precious.