Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Amazing Parrots

Recently I went to a wedding in Miami for my dear friend Jen. It was held at a resort that Brian and I had visited the year before for our friend's Andrea and Bob's wedding. While we were there, I became "friends" with the parrots. They are not in cages, but live protected outside in the beautiful sunshine. Did I mention I am obsessed with them? Their names are Sunshine and Chance. It may sound crazy, but I really think they remembered me when I returned this year. They are such beautiful creatures. It seemed like every free moment I had, I was hanging out where the parrots were feeding them my bowls of fruit.
I actually would steal fruit from the bar. But the staff knew I was gentle and really loved them, so they let me feed them. They typically don't let hotel guest feed them. Here are some amazing pictures and a video of the lovely parrots.

The one on the left is Sunshine, and the one on the right is Chance.
I just had to throw in the shot of the lovely bride. (that was the reason we were there!)

Here is the video of me feeding the parrots. I did this several times a day. Everyone knew when they couldn't find me, to check where the birds are and that is where I would be.

Look how lovely they are. I wanted to take them home with me, but I don't think the hotel was willing to part with these lovely ladies... :-)

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