Saturday, January 30, 2010

More of Lilly Faith

I'm so in love with my foster girl. She has turned into a ball of joy. I am in awe of her progress. Dogs are so forgiving. All they need is a little love, and they rebound. It's amazing how much abuse and neglect some animals suffer, and yet they still manage to give so much love back. Lilly has learned to play with toys, and LOVES to lay in our bed. I beam with pride when I see how far she has come. I realized after putting her video together, that I had no photos of she and I together. I'm so busy taking her photo, that I am never in any of them. Brian took these last night. I wasn't even aware that he had taken most of these except the one of me smiling. I'm glad I have these mementos so I will always remember her, even when she has moved on to her new forever home. :-(

That froggy is her favorite toy!

No this isn't Lilly...Obviously. But Ferbie is always the diva and has to get himself into at least one shot. He is a beautiful peke. I love his smile and underbite.

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