Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Memory of Sam

I was moved by this, but also greatly saddened.

A moment for Sam, a face to the THOUSANDS of animals that will be euthanized at the shelters...he would urinate in submission when other dogs approached - in an overcrowded pound this was reason enough to be euthanized.
RIP Sam - you are remembered.

"Life was not a valuable gift, but death was. Life was a fever-dream made up of joys embittered by sorrows, pleasure poisoned by pain ... but death was sweet, death was gentle, death was kind; death healed the bruised spirit and the broken heart, and gave them rest and forgetfulness; death came and set him free." - Mark Twain

I have to say that seeing this is shameful. How do we treat such wonderful creatures with so little respect? There is a very serious crisis going on in the world right now for animals. They deserve so much better.
Thank you Susan Cava for sharing this on FB in his memory. RIP Sweet Angel

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  1. Rip sweet baby.. we will meet again, in a better place, where no one will EVER hurt you again, and you can pee where you want, whenever you want. xoxoxo...love you and never even met you