Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hoarder? Or good intentions gone bad? You decide...

Where do I even start? Here is the headline, "WEST UNION --Authorities Seize Dogs From Adams County Home-Warden: 64 Dogs Found Living In Filth

This photos on the video show dogs living in garbage-dead dogs in bathtubs. And yet this woman cries out that there is nothing wrong and she is innocent. This is clearly someone who is mentally ill. But how did this go on for so long without a single person noticing? (I would think the stench alone would travel and become unbearable) Some of these dogs had been in the home, lying there dead since 2008! The woman claimed she was waiting to cremate them. Really?? FOR TWO YEARS! Is this a case of good intentions gone awry? Mental Illness? Or just plain abuse? Either way, I am disgusted and saddened for these poor dogs. They deserve so much better than what they have had thus far in life. I hope rescue will step in to foster them and show them "how to live like dogs". As far as the one's that didn't make it-well death was probably a welcomed peace. RIP sweet babies. In heaven you will be young and free again.


Here's the story and video:

Animal control authorities continued the task of removing dozens of dogs from two Adams County homes that are the subject of an animal abuse investigation.

County dog warden Paul Hughes said that as many as 64 dogs were found living in filthy conditions at the two homes -- one in West Union and the other in rural Adams County.

Hughes said authorities were called to the homes after a report of dogs running loose. Hughes told WLWT's Brian Hamrick that when officials arrived at the home, they noticed a smell that led them to investigate further.

The owners of the homes voluntarily allowed Hughes to enter the homes, where Hughes said he discovered up to a foot of excrement and other squalor. He said investigators also found two plastic tubs and a wagon full of dead dogs and puppies, some dating to 2008.

Graphic Photos From Animal Abuse Investigation. View At Your Own Discretion.

Hughes said that the owners of the animals told him they were trying to save money to cremate the pets.

Joyce Nixon, the owner of the dogs, spoke with WLWT Monday evening as the authorities began taking away her dogs. Nixon said she lost her job and was diagnosed with cancer. She said the conditions inside the home went down from there.

"I love the dogs. I want people to leave me alone about the dogs," she said.

Images From Dog Seizure

Nixon cried as some of the dogs were taken away. "They're my life," she said. "I ain't dirty."

Dogs Taken From Adams County Home

Nixon said that she hoped to start a nonprofit to take in and shelter other dogs from around Adams County. No charges have been filed against Nixon.

Hughes said the dogs weren't necessarily being abused and that none of them appear to be malnourished.

Hughes said agents will return to the homes Tuesday to remove more dogs. The rescued animals were taken to a shelter in Peebles. They will be examined for possible health problems.

The Adams County Animal Response Team is looking for veterinarians to volunteer their time to help give those health exams. Vets who want to volunteer can call 513-702-8373.

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