Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring and the Beautiful Bambi

Spring is coming! This morning I started to see the tulip buds pop their heads out from under the grass. They are always the first sign to me that Spring is around the corner. This is my favorite time of year. Even though the snow is pretty, I have to say that I am very ready for Spring to arrive this year. We had a brutal winter. My friend Karen emailed me this picture that she took this morning.

My first reaction (being the pessimist that I am sometimes) was sadness that the deer was starving so badly that it had to go out and risk it's life to find food in brood daylight on someone's yard. They are so over populated and have no where to go. People always complain about the deer and how they eat their gardens, etc, but I think people forget-WE took their land. WE build on their homes. WE took away the places where they once lived.

My friend assured me that this little Bambi is fine. Here is what she said.

"That Bambi was having a hey day eating up all that neighbor's pansies that she must have just planted. The deer was daintily eating off just the pretty leaves off all the flowers and quite happy to eat and let me take pictures of it. I thought it was very cute. There's a good bit of tree save area around our subdivision and those deer looked pretty well fed-definitely not starving like I've seen others at least."

As strange as that may sound, I felt better. You gotta love the animal kingdom.As I always say, beauty is where you find it.

Have a good Monday :)

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