Saturday, March 27, 2010

More new dogs headed to DC....

I know I have preached about this before, but it's really starting to wear me out. We have a problem in the south. A BIG problem. Why do people have this idea that after a puppy becomes an adult dog, that they can dump it at a shelter? So once they aren't cute anymore, it's okay to throw them away like trash? Here are a few dogs that are headed to us in DC because of one of the following reasons:
-The owner dumped them at the shelter because they didn't want to take care of them anymore
-The owner didn't spay or neuter their pet and they had babies-and they had no space or money to care for the puppies. So they dumped them all.
-They were too old or had a medical issue that they couldn't or didn't want to pay for.
-The dog was deaf and it was too much trouble to have to deal with it.
Do people have ANY idea of how traumatizing it is for an animal to be in a shelter?
You can't throw in the towel when things get hard. People-Step up and do what is right!!!
These living, feeling creatures can feel pain. They feel sadness. They feel loneliness.
They don't ask for much. Just some kindness. Isn't that the least we can do for God's creatures?

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