Monday, March 8, 2010

PLEASE-Take your dog off of their chain and bring them into your home

I see so many posts about animals left outside in the elements on the end of a chain. What kind of life is that for an animal? It's no life at all. I will never understand how people can do this to animals. Shouldn't they be part of your "pack"? Lord knows they want to be.

I've seen photos of dogs that were left outside on the end of a chain in the snow storm we had recently. And sadly, I recieved news that some have died on the end of that chain. Snow, sleet, blazing doesn't matter-that dog is out there tethered up. People will leave their dogs outside on the end of a chain to suffer. People that do this do not consider dogs to be members of their family. That dog's life consists of a very small area of which to move, and usually with no protection from other animals, that may come onto the property-such as wild animals-not to mention the elements of course. Dogs deserve better than life on a chain!
This is a link to a list of dogs in my area (VA) that are still waiting for a law to be passed to protect them. They wait, and they suffer. We can do better, so why aren't we?
Check out these walls of shame in VA.

The stuff you will see in this video is not unusual. This is in PA where the laws are week when it comes to animal protection. We need to do better than this. We need to protect those that can't protect themselves.

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