Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Story of Spike

I am trying to keep things balanced on my blog and not focus on the negative. It's hard though sometimes. There is so much sadness and cruelty in the animal rescue world. And it's everywhere all the time. Makes me question humanity sometimes. Truly..I try to focus on the good too, but sometimes I just have to pause. I have to wonder. When I read the story about Spike, I was brought to tears. This story is about Spike the bulldog. I actually felt physical pain in my heart when I read this. I have a special place in my heart for bulldogs. Well all dogs-but bulldogs have that look. You know the look I'm talking about? Helpless, fragile, needs help breathing. They remind me of bigger pekes-okay that's a stretch. But they are part of the brachycephalic grouping of dogs. Anyway, they would never hurt a fly. So when I read this story, anger and sadness came from a place from within me that I haven't felt in a long time. Not since the story about the trash that set the pitbull in Baltimore on fire. I read a lot of stuff and think I have gotten much thicker skin over the last year. But then there are times when I have to shake my head in disbelief. Times like this, I have to pause. I ask myself, “Where is God?” And how did he allow this to happen? And more importantly-Why?

“Spike is an 11 month old bulldog that has been abused repeatedly over the past few months.” ASPCA investigators were called to Maria Aguilar’s house on February 24 after witnesses reported hearing a dog crying. Aguilar originally denied beating the pup, but she allowed ASPCA officials to take the dog to their hospital." There is a video that shows Maria Aguilar tossing Spike across a patio and against an iron fence. He cowers down, Aguilar picks up an orange snow shovel and smacks the pup over the head. Then she throws him to the other side of the patio. You can hear the dog shrieking in the video.

I am not going to show you that video. It's too hard to watch.

The ASPC then discovered that her husband had taken the dog to veterinarians 12 times in the past seven months for treatment.Okay-isn't there a fiduciary responsibility that the vet has to report this? This is insane to me. TWELVE TIMES! The cops would should have been called after the first few trips. I would think all of this would look suspicious.

From for the love of the dog:

Twelve times in seven months? If this was the same veterinarian, we have a real issue with that practice. If I was to take my dog to the vet 12 times in seven months and they observed anything close to those types of injuries, I would be escorted out of the practice by the police – in handcuffs. But Maria Aguilar’s husband offered a different story. Victor Estudillo, Aguilar’s husband, say Spike was fine when agents took custody of him. He says he’s spent about $7,000 in vet bills because Spike was a sickly dog, not a victim of abuse. And then her son states, on camera, “We don’t want her to go to jail – its just a dog.”

Just a dog. There you have it. I am not surprised to hear something like that coming out of this kids mouth after I see what his mother is capable of. That remark should tell you all you need to know about that family. This kid has just learned the basics from his mother.”

Now here's the kicker. Wait for it...."Maria Aguilar denied beating Spike, but when she was confronted with the video, the jig was up. Maria Aguilar was arrested for aggravated animal cruelty and criminal possession of a weapon. She faces two felonies and four years in jail.I don’t want to hear excuses. I don’t want to hear the dog was at the vet 12 times because he was “sickly”. I don’t want to hear you spent $7,000 on medical bills for poor Spike. I don’t want to hear she’s a good mother and shouldn’t go to jail. I don’t want to hear it’s “just a dog”.I only want to hear what prison she goes to so I can mail her cellmate a shovel!”

The dog's injuries have been severe. She blinded poor Spike in one eye. That's just for starters. He had broken bones and could have potential brain damage from what i'm told. What a disgrace this woman is.

So here is the good that came out of this story. There is light at the end of the tunnel for poor Spike. They weren't worthy of having this wonderful creature to begin with. So catching this piece of garbage on video actually took this poor angel out of harms way and into the arms of safety. Just imagine what this dog's life would have been like if she hadn't been caught? A lifetime of misery and abuse. THANK GOD someone caught her and stepped up to do the right thing.

Over 100 people have applied to adopt Spike. So he WILL go to a good home and get the love, care, and kindness he deserves. As far as Maria Aguilar goes-well I hope she burns in hell where she belongs. Just get me in a room with this woman for an hour. She will see what abuse is really like. And I won't let her forget it. She is a waste of air.

If you can, please write to the DA's office to make sure she is given the maximum sentence. Believe it or not, this woman can walk away from this crime with a slap on the wrist and a fine. Where are the laws protecting the innocent here? Please, if you can, contact the DA of Queens and tell them to give the max and let them know how you feel. You can contact them at the number and address below. I know Spike would appreciate it, as well as all the other “Spikes” out there in the world just waiting for a law to pass to protect them. C'mon-we can do better than this people!

Thank you for taking the time to write to the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

Kevin R. Ryan
Director of Communications
Queens County District Attorney’s Office


  1. horrible horrible person!!! MAX time!!!

  2. After viewing the video where Maria Aguilar is brutalizing the baby pup, it is quite apparent that Maria Aguilar committed several disturbing crimes that are supported by evidence, witnesses, medical records and the defendant's confession Furthermore, I would like to address a very important factor: Victor Estudillo, witnessed a series of criminal acts being performed to the baby pup for a period of 11 months. This is supported by the fact that the baby pup was brought to the vetirnarian 14 times. Therefore, you have 14 counts of animal abuse. The fact that there is a media coverage stipulating that the pup experienced months of abuse clearly indicates that Maria Aguilar engage in a course of criminal behavior for an extended period of time, specifically 11 months based on the facts presented. In addition, Maria Aguilar, according to the news, initially lied to the ASPCA police and denied the criminal acts and then admitted to the criminal acts, once she was presented with the video that shows Maria Aguilar beating the baby pup. Lying to the ASPCA Police and hindering prosecution are two additional charges that should be added to the two felonies Maria Aguilar committed. Victor Estudillo is in, the face of the public, an accessory to these criminal acts performed over a period time by Maria Estudillo because he witnessed the acts and did nothing to report the abuse. Victor Estudillo should be indicted as an accessory. I honestly feel as do many supporters, that the only way to prevent and stop animal cruelty is by fully prosecuting these individuals in an effort to stop the criminal offenses that are being committed. When individuals such as Maria Aguilar commit crimes the only way they can comprehend the severity of their crimes is by serving a jail sentence that will allow her and her husband to think about what they they did to place themselves in that cell. Maria Aguilar is charged with two felonies, each punishable with two years in prison for a total of four years. In actuality, it is really fourteen felony accounts because of each time the pup was taken to the vet to attend to the wounds inflicted by Maria Aguilar. Maria Aguilar engaged in a course of criminal behavior for over 11 months which is about 300 days where Maria Aguilar brutalized a baby pup. I send Spike all the love in the world because Spike is a champion