Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Arrivals

Not much time to blog lately. I have had my hands full with new dogs coming in from Georgia and South Carolina. The south has a HUGE overpopulation problem, and spay/neuter is not part of their vocabulary. It really is sad. So my partner in crime Julie and I have pulled about 14 dogs that are headed to DC this Saturday. Our focus is saving dogs in rural and impoverished areas. The one's with little or no chance of getting saved. The one's with no voice, and the one's with no choice...
Right now their are issues in the south with black dogs. No one wants to adopt black dogs. Why you ask? No reason other than a stupid stigma that they are bad dogs. ALL of the dogs coming to us (and the two black ones we have now-Madison and Marshall) are sweet, wonderful dogs. They are just dying for attention and love. That's what all dogs want. I don't think it's much to ask.

When they arrive, they will go directly to our vet for evaluations, vetting, etc..and then to fosters or forever homes. Here are some of the photos of the new arrivals. Details and bios coming soon.

Please spread the word about these dogs and email me at if you are interested. I will post bios and better photos later in the week.

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