Monday, March 15, 2010

Madison and Marshall

Last week, Thanks to Debb at S.T.I.C.K.S, I pulled 2 wonderful lab mixes out of the Dekalb, GA shelter. There adoption success rate is extremely low. Both these dogs were scheduled for euthanasia. Their time was up. And so I decided once again that I just couldn't let them go. Both had injuries and were over looked for adoption over and over again.
Madison has an injured leg. Marshall had an embedded collar. Both very treatable issues. Both worthy of families and being saved...
And so began the journey for Madison and Marshall as they made there way to me from GA.
A transport was set up, and they arrived here last Thursday evening.
Both have incredible dispositions, which is so mind blowing to me. You see, both have been treated horribly by human beings. Both were neglected. Both were abused in some way. And yet, they are still loving and trusting of humans. Amazing how forgiving animals are. Sometimes I just think we aren't worthy of them.

When I took them to the vet on Friday, here is what they found:
Madison has a cracked pelvis, along with several BB's (yes BB's!) in her. Her pelvis has since healed, but not correctly. As you will see below, on the left is what a normal dog should look like, and on the right are Madison's Xrays. She is going to need a lot of care. She has been vetted and will be spayed this week and will up for adoption after that.

Here is a picture of sweet Madison.

I visited with Madison and Marshall today. Here is me trying to hug her. She is a wiggle worm.
On to Marshall. Oh poor Marshall.... He had an embedded collar. He was kept outside on a chain for sooo long, that his collar became one with his neck. It had to be cut out and then stitched up. He is healing quite nicely now. He is going to be neutered this week too, and will then be up for adoption.

This is the picture I received BEFORE he came to me. He looks so sad here. Almost like he had given up. Look at those sad eyes...

This is what his neck looked like. As I said, it's healing now :-)

Now look at the photo I took today. Doesn't he look like he's smiling? He is very happy to be safe. I can feel it when he looks at me.

If you can help with any of the costs for Marshall or Madison, please click on this link now and donate.

You can email me if you are interested in fostering or adopting either of these wonderful dogs at
Thank you~


  1. Oh, I'm so glad they are safe. Are they being fostered at your home? What do they think of the little ones? :-)

  2. awesome work Mel!!!