Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Note to potential adopters

So often when I tell people I do rescue, one of the first things they say is, “Oh-do you have any pure breed dogs?” Or they may ask for a specific type of dog. Then they go on to mention specifics of what they are looking for. Now that is all well and good intentioned I'm sure, but I don't know if they understand what goes into getting that dog into rescue in the first place. The blood, the sweat, and the tears we feel everyday having to say no even once to a dog that we know we can't save. It tears at our hearts. It eats us up inside. It keeps us up at night. It haunts our dreams. People don't understand that they could easily walk into any shelter in any county in the US right now and find a beautiful pure breed dog. Probably one that someone else discarded like trash. What I don't think people get, is that people that do rescue don't care if it's a pure breed. We look at the face of an animal and see the plea in it's eyes for help. For love. For a kind hand or word. We see the sadness, the darkness, the loneliness and fear. And we step in to make it all okay. To TRY and make the world a better place for that animal. We live to see that look of hope reappearing in a dogs eyes.

So no, I'm sorry but I dont' know what kind of breed I have in rescue. I just know that it needs someone. care. And it may not be a pure breed dog, but you can bet it's heart is pure. And isn't that what matters?

The above photos are of Madison. She is now happy in her new foster home where she is being spoiled. She had 4 BB's shot in her and a cracked pelvis when she came into rescue. That is just the beginning. And that is just the scars on the outside. But what about the one's on the inside? Right now, she seems pretty good. (Thank you Mike and Steph for fostering this sweet girl). She is definitely smiling in these pictures and enjoying having a big fenced in backyard.

So here is a reprint of one of my favorites things written to adopters from the side of a rescuer.

Note to adopters:

Lassie and Cleo and Rin Tin Tin and Toto don't show up in rescue. We don't get the elegantly coiffed, classically beautiful, completely trained, perfectly behaved dog. We get the leftovers. Dogs that other people have incompetently bred, inadequately socialized, ineffectively "trained," and badly treated. Most Rescue dogs have had it. They've been pushed from one lousy situation to another. They've never had proper veterinary care, kind and consistent training, or sufficient company. They've lived outside, in a crate, or in the basement. They're scared, depressed and anxious. Some are angry. Some are sick. Some have given up But we are Rescue and we don't give up. We never give up on a dog. We know that a dog is a living being, with a spirit and a heart and feelings. Our dogs are not commodities, things, or garbage. They are part of sacred creation and they deserve as much love and care and respect as the next Westminster champion. So please, please don't come to rescue in the hopes of getting a "bargain," or indeed of "getting" anything. Come to Rescue to give, to love, to save a life -- and to mend your own spirit. For Rescue will reward you in ways you never thought possible. I can promise you this -- a rescue dog will make you a better person.

by Diane Morgan

Words to live by.....Amen

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