Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hazel -Another example of why we need to fight BSL

I have been very blessed to have met a new friend named Suzi. She is an old college friend of my husband's, and he thought we needed to meet. I think he saw her tireless and passionate posts to save the animals on Facebook, and thought we were a friendship made in heaven :-)
Brian thought she and I would get along well since we are both animal crazy people. (and of course he was right!) So once the intro was made, we hit it off. Suzi has an AMAZING dog named Hazel. She is one of the most beautiful pitbulls I have ever met on both the inside and the outside. She and Suzi came to meet me and my friend Julie at the vet yesterday so she could meet Jade, one of our potential fosters. Hazel is beautiful!! I mean she is the size of a small tank, hahah-but she is a beauty.
Her story is a sad one, but with a happy ending. When Hazel was a puppy (like in this picture below) he prior "owner" kicked her leg and stomach very badly. It damaged the growth plate and was beyond repair. I hope the owner is out there suffering and knows he is going to hell....
Anyway, once she was rescued and taken to a vet, they decided that her leg had irreparable damage and had to be amputated. You would think that after being abused and mistreated so badly by humans that Hazel would be untrusting or scared-or just plain mean. But she is just the opposite. She is sweet and kind and a big lover. Not a mean bone in this girls body. I am amazed everyday at the abuse our animals suffer at the hands of man, and yet continue to love us. We are not worthy.
Make no mistake, Hazel is just fine now. Losing a leg has not stopped this girl one bit. She gets along just fine. I don't even think she knows she is missing a leg. Suzi rescued Hazel, and Hazel rescued Suzi right back. Hazel is a living example of why we must not tolerate Breed Specific Legislation. It's not bad dogs-bad owners. Pitbulls are no different than any other dog. They just have the ability to fight back stronger if pushed to do so. Can they help it they were born with such strength? They want the same thing every other dog wants-love, kindness, compassion. Thank you Suzi for saving Hazel and for fighting for the rights of animals!
If you want to read more about Hazel's story, you can read it here:

Look at that face!


  1. You got it all right--I,too, love Suzi and her girl Hazel. I don't know who is kinder, gentler or more loving-Suzi or Hazel!!!

  2. I am Suzi's sister and Hazel's aunt and growing up in a "cat" family....i didnt know how great dogs were until I rescued my own. Suzi dated a guy with two pitbulls and i have to tell you..if you didnt tell me their breed i never would hAVE known them as "pitbulls" . They were the sweetest loviest most disciplined playful doggies. Hazel too is just a big fat lovey lap dog. Bad parents make bad kids. Bad dogs have bad owners. Dont discriminate....its not fair. I have seen more bites and problems with the little yippie "boutique" dogs than those that have been "branded" is love. and hazel is three legs of LOVE!!!