Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long weekend and Never a Dull Moment Here

Between Lilly's ordeal and trying to keep track of the new dogs coming in Thursday, I don't know if I'm coming or going. I am SO happy to have my girl Lilly Faith back here with me. When the right forever home comes along, I will know it. Until then, she will live here and be part of our pack. Maybe she is just a good con artist and got sick so she could come back here? Either way, she is doing much better.
Here are some of our new dogs coming up from the south on Tuesday and the following Saturday. More pictures this week once they are vetted. The big one below is Bear. He is a boxer mix. They said he carries his food bowl to the table or end of the kennel when he is ready to eat. He is very sweet and is a cuddle bug.
The little one is Sabrina. She was found by my friend Debb at STICKS, sister and she took her in. Her hubby was not ready to adopt a new dog yet, so she is being re-homed. She will get adopted easily here. But I wish more people would consider older dogs. They are so wonderful and are so grateful. We don't cast aside a living creature just because it isn't young and cute anymore. Older dogs make wonderful family members.

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  1. Curious, does Lilly suffer from pancreatitis? You wrote in a earlier post that her placement said she had bloody diarrhea. Stress will bring this on with pancreatitis. I'm sure Lilly is no longer stressed being back with you. :) The new rescues are beautiful. Good luck with their placements.