Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Pied Piper of Pekes

Just thought I'd post some cute photos from the other day, along with a great video of the pekes. These were all taken the day after Lilly came back after the adoption didn't work out.
Gloria (the VP of Peke Rescue) and I both think that Lilly is one good con artist. She just didn't want to be there, and she let us know it. She knows where she wants to be, and clearly that wasn't it. I kind of have to laugh inside when I think about it. She knew how to find her way back home. I love the video because when Brian calls her, she grunts her way to the camera. What a ham! I was sitting on the floor with all of my pekes here giving them treats. Their favorite thing to do! Ha!

Here is the adorable video: (Notice how she is always at my feet)

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