Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on Kayla

They all arrived today-the new dogs from the south. Scared of the unknown. Not knowing they are the lucky ones...
One of the newest who I posted about the other day is Kayla. She is VERY sweet. Submissive. Scared. When she first came in, it was quite pitiful because she peed in submission when I went to pet her. She was obviously fearful of being hit. But within a few hours of being held and pet, she came out of her shell. It amazes me everyday how dogs forgive. Her pictures now show a smile coming out. More on the other new rescues later....It has been a LONG day. We had a very sad case about a boxer named Ceasar that I adore, but that is for another day and another blog. They all touch my heart in some way and leave a mark. I know it sounds cliched, but it's true. I feel like I feel their every emotion as if they are my own. Every scar. Every ounce of sadness and pain. Every sorrow. I feel them too....

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  1. Tell me about Caesar the boxer. You're doing so much good!!

    Thanks for helping with Janey today.
    Hugs, Linda