Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caesar-An old soul

When Caesar arrived off the transport the other day, I had to take a moment...literally. I called my husband in hysterics. As I said, I feel the pain of these animals sometimes. I looked at this poor dog and I could see through to his soul. The pain and suffering this animal has endured is beyond anything I could ever imagine. His face and body were covered in scars and patches of hair were missing. He looked like he had given up and had just about had enough. Sometimes I can be thick skinned about seeing the abuse. And then there are the days where I just can't believe than any human being would ever do such awful things to an animal. It doesn't register.
When I saw the look of defeat on this dog, it hurt me. I hurt knowing he was suffering, and looking at him in the state he was in reminded me of the pain he was feeling. My heart broke for him.
Despite all that he has endured, he is so gentle, so kind, so loving...Here is his brief bio...
Caesar is a 2 1/2 year old male boxer. He was found out in a rural area in Georgia protecting a litter of puppies that weren't even his. It seems that he was very badly abused by someone; You can see the scars all over his body. Despite this, he is one of the most gentle dogs I have ever come to meet. He loves people, loves to be pet and held, and really is just a sweetheart. He is very docile and is good with other dogs and cats too. You would have to meet this dog for yourself to see how amazing he is. He has touched everyone he has met (including the vet's office). Everyone is amazed at how special and loving he is.

Soooo...Caesar was neutered today and had several teeth removed. His teeth were broken and one of his Canine's was rotten. I got a call from my vet today around 5pm. He sounded upset. He said that he had never seen anything like this before. It shocked and disturbed him. While neutering this poor animal, he found BB's shot on Caesar. BB's shot on his testicles, his groin, and his back leg. Someone would have had to of held him down and literally shot him in his testicles and around them to get as close and precise as these shots were. There were several of them. Of course Dr. J removed them all and ended the pain he had probably had for a while.
How long had he been this way? How long had he suffered? Why on earth was this dog still kind to us humans? We certainly weren't deserving of his trust. And yet, he tried to curl up on my lap when I laid down on the floor with him. He kissed everyone who he came into contact with.
I have contacted my friend Debb in GA (who helped pull him thank God) to investigate this because we would like to press animal cruelty charges. I know she will do what she can to find out who did this. But the chances of finding this person are very slim.
Here are some pics of this wonderful boy and a video. More on him and his new life soon. He is being loved on and taken wonderful care of now. He will suffer no more!


  1. What a precious boy. He is so sweet. Thanks for all you're doing for him.

  2. Hi Melanie

    I left a message last night about Cesar to
    Sharon in TN. I couldnt sleep last night thinking about all this disturbing senseless
    brutality to inflict suffering on the innocent animals.

    Am hoping some information comes from TN...I think Cesar is a miracle. He escaped criminal minded psychotics. He escaped a gassing pound. He is with loving and caring people.

    It would make the new beginning Cesar has very sweet if the monsters could be brought to justice.


  3. Thanks Debb. Either way, he is safe now. Thank you for helping get justice for him. Couldn't do any of this without you.

  4. He is so sweet..... Very beautiful boy. I can tell he just has a very sweet spirit about him.