Monday, April 26, 2010

Rotty's needing our help

I received the following plea this weekend:

A past client of mine has a female (spayed) purebred Rotti that needs a home. Her husband is bedridden and terminal, and she doesn't have the time or energy to give the dog what she needs."Harlett" is 14 months, spayed, and about 100 pounds. She is housetrained, but her other training has been neglected, so she can be a little full of herself. She loves all people, kids, and dogs Cats are an unknown.

So we said yes, we would help.

I then received this:

I just heard that you said you have room for the 14mo rotti, Harlette. I just spoke with the owner. She wants to know if you also have room for Harlette's brother, Harley. The owner's husband's condition has gotten worse, and Judy just can't take care of everyone.

It's very sad that this woman may lose her husband, and now the 2 dogs she loves most in the world. I am praying for him and his well being. We will get these two a good home.

Here are some pictures of Harlett. She is beautiful. More on Harly when I get details. Spread the word if you know anyone that wants to adopt these beautiful dogs.

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