Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lilly is coming home...again

I got a call around 9pm last night from the people who "adopted" Lilly Faith. They said that she was sick. They said she was lethargic, had bloody diarrhea, and a fowl odor was coming from her. Hmmm....She was fine when I left her. And that they just didn't realize what they were getting into. (I only told them 4 times via phone and in person all her ailments) Some people just see that adorable face on a dog and think -"I want that". But they don't realize that there is alot attached to that face. A lot of work, and care, and commitment; Especially for a special needs dog like my girl.
But this goes back to my prior post from yesterday about having that gut feeling. I could feel it in my bones that something was wrong. Something just didn't feel right. And so, my girl is coming back to me. I have to say that I feel kind of guilty that I'm so happy. But I am. It wasn't her forever home. I don't think I would have cried and mourned her being gone as much as I did, had I felt that she was in the right place. I would have felt happy right? And I just never felt that. I felt worry and fear. I didn't sleep all night when she was gone. I paced.
I am grateful that they called sooner, rather than later. I'm glad that they cared enough to realize early on that she was not for them. Because if she had been the right home, then they wouldn't have given up on her so easily. They would have taken her to the doctor right away or called me right when it started and asked what to do. Instead they just said it was too much, and if something happened to her they wouldn't be able to handle it. Either way, she is coming home where she belongs.

I love you Lilly.


  1. I'm just glad she is safely back with you!!

  2. so glad she is truly home.