Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beauty's where you find it

Well it was another day of snow here... again. We are just getting overwhelmed here trying to keep up with all of it. Everything is shut down here-even the highways. Today we got another 10 plus inches. This is the worst winter in Virginia history. I doubt we will see our driveway or guest spot until May. The crews can't keep up with the plowing. It is fun to get snowed it at first, but we are starting to get a little stir crazy now. I have definitely caught up on Law and Order and Oprah at this point. Come on Spring!!

Shoveling again....Don't I look thrilled to be having my photo taken by my neighbors? I can barely see in front of me. Maybe they were just surprised to see me out shoveling?
My awesome neighbors Pat and Helen. They are sitting on the mound of snow that once was our guest spot. The look very pleased with themselves and what they accomplished.

More shoveling
Pat and I are happy that we completed our driveways finally! (at least for now)

But it is beautiful and peaceful. There is something calming about the snow and the purity of it all. I think because it puts everything at a halt and it forces you to just stop, look, and listen.

These photos were shot right after it stopped snowing the other day. It was absolutely breathtaking to see the sun setting when the snow stopped.

You can find beauty everywhere. You just have to know where to look.

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