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For the Love of the Dog and No justice for Sire. The puppy punched and killed by Bobby Loggins.

One of my favorite sites is called . It covers topics about animal abuse, laws, current legislation, has tons of resources, and so much more. One of my favorite things about the site is that it follows the cases and gives you a follow up on what the punishment was for that particular crime. They do something called the "Justice Round Up". I had to republish this story because it is mind blowing. When you read the story below you will wonder how this judge handed out such a light sentence to this piece of garbage who beat his 5 week old dog to death because the "dog was his own" for peeing on the rug. So it's okay to beat an animal to death in your own home, just not outside of the home? Did I mention again that this dog was 5 weeks old?? Not that a dog of any age deserves this ever. This dog was just starting his poor life-which I think what makes it even harder to stomach. People that commit these kinds of crimes are proven to go on to commit more violent crimes, and I think this guy is clearly a sociopath. I have ZERO tolerance or sympathy for this man and personally I hope he rots in hell. This kind of stuff absolutely sets me into a tailspin of anger. One of the biggest issues that continue to go on in our society, is that even when these criminals are caught in the act they get a slap on the wrist. How can we send a message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated if we don't punish the abusers? If someone did this to a child, do you think they would only get 30 days in jail? Hell no! I would like to tell you that this kind of case is unusual and rarely happens, but unfortunately it isn't. Here is a link that shows you where your state ranks in terms animal cruelty laws and protection, and what is and isn't considered a crime in you state. The Animal Legal Defense Fund puts this out every year, and they provide a ton of valuable information.

Here is the story from FTLTD:

Bobby Loggins, who last summer, punched his five-month-old American Bulldog 30 times in the facekilling it, has been convicted of Animal Torture. In Iowa, Animal Torture is an aggravated misdemeanor that carries a sentence of up to two years in prison. Just this past Friday, Judge Gary E. Wenell sentenced Bobby Loggins to 365 days in jail but suspended 335 days of that sentence and credited Loggins for time already served. He only spends 30 days in jail.

The sentence this judge handed down to this knuckledragger, Bobby Loggins, is a complete joke. Get this. Here is the Judge’s reasoning for giving the light sentence:“The dog was his own. It was not some valuable fancy show dog belonging to another. It was not a neighbor boy’s dog, it was not an elderly person’s companion…We do not have a statewide problem with this kind of crime.”Whoa…whoa…wait a minute…because he owned the animal it it’s OK to give him a light sentence? Because Sire was not some valuable fancy show dog and because it was not the neighbor boy’s or an elderly person’s companion he shouldn’t have to face much jail time?And he thinks there is no statewide problem with this kind of crime? Well golly gee Your Honor, you sure as hell will have a statewide problem now!And of course, Loggins’ wife, Rochelle, boohooed it to the court. She described her husband as a “very good” father and said he did not have a history of domestic violence or abuse in the home. The loss of her husband’s income, if he were incarcerated, would create a hardship for her and the couple’s two children, ages 5 and 10.No abuse in the home? He beat a puppy to death. Hate to see what she considers real abuse. At the trial, Loggins’ friend Chad Peterson testified

……that on June 9 he drank beer and smoked marijuana with Loggins while fishing on the Missouri River. Later that day at Loggins’ home, Peterson said, he saw Loggins feed the puppy, Sire, “bowl after bowl of beer.” When the puppy urinated on the dining room carpet, Peterson said, he saw Loggins straddle it, put his arm around it and punch it more than 10 times in the head. Loggins then picked the puppy up by its tail and ears and took it outside through a back door. Peterson testified that when Loggins brought the puppy back inside the house and set it on the kitchen floor, it couldn’t walk and was bleeding. “To me it looked like the dog was paralyzed,” he said. “He was shaking. It looked like convulsions. He was coughing up blood.”

While Peterson knelt down next to the puppy and tried to comfort it, he said, Loggins stood there and showed no remorse for what had happened. Peterson said he confronted Loggins about his reaction and that Loggins shoved him into a chair and told him to leave.

Let’s see, this good father was also charged with false reporting after he told police the dog had just been hit by a car. Then he changed his story to the police – he accidentally slammed the dog’s head in the door.Oh, and according to court records in Woodbury County, Bobby Loggins has 25 cases for driving violations or drugs. The latest case for animal torture brings the total to date to 26 cases. Most of these are driving violations but what’s troubling is that Bobby Loggins has been labeled a “habitual offender” by consistently driving while his license was suspended/revoked. Keywords here: Habitual Offender. Bobby Loggins is a ticking time bomb. And Rochelle Loggins is obviously a few fries short of a Happy Meal. In addition to jail time, Loggins must pay a $625 fine and $300 to the Iowa Department of Corrections. He will also reimburse the Woodbury County Jail $50 for each day he is incarcerated. Loggins is required to undergo substance abuse counseling and a psychological evaluation. Loggins will be on probation for 18 months upon his release. Should anyone wish to let the Judge know their thoughts, your firm but respectful letters can be sent to:

Leesa McNeil

District Court Administrator

Woodbury County Courthouse

7th and Douglas,

Room 210

Sioux City, IA 51101

Iowa…you have a problem. In fact, it looks like you have several problems.

Thank you FTLD for the reprint. Deanna you rock!! Andrea-thank you for the justice round up!!

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