Saturday, February 27, 2010

Visiting old friends

Last week I was able to visit with Leche (formerly Bogart) and his sister Winfrey and mommy Mickey. The best part of doing rescue is seeing a dog succeed in a new home, and to be loved and cherished by their new family. Clearly this is the case here.Leche has not been an easy case, so I have to give props to Mickey for all the time and energy she has put into training him. Because he is deaf, training is much more challenging. I was very impressed when I went to visit to see how well he has learned so many commands. Sit, turn, lay, and even hand me your left paw and right. He knows the difference! Those are just a few of the hand commands he has learned. Right now she is working on his training outside of the house. It seems Leche is over stimulated with all the stuff going on around him-especially when he can see it and not hear it. But in time, this will be resolved. I took some great pics during my visit. I had a great time visiting with all of them. Thank you Mickey for giving Leche such an amazing home!
Leche is smiling~

Running in the tennis courts
I think this is when Mickey gestured up and he laid on top of her. Look how cute he is!!
Winfrey and Leche on mom

This is Winfrey-Leche's sister

Look at that face? Hard to believe that the shelter in GA was hours away from euthanizing him b/c he is deaf. Mickey called me later that day to tell me that when I left, Leche stood up at the window and cried. I guess he must remember me. I believe that rescued dogs never forget the person who saved their life. But they save us right back in so many other ways......

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