Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foster Home Needed in MD for stray found running the streets in Baltimore City

This handsome boy, (yet to be named) was found running on the streets in Baltimore City. He was in bad shape, and even had an icicle hanging from him nose. He had such a bad matting of hair, that believe it or not that may have been the only thing that saved his life. Luckily, my friend who runs MuttsNeedLoveToo, saw him and took him in. The photo below is what he looks like now. A foster home is really needed for this guy. They think he is part Brussels Griffon, and maybe a terrier of some kind. You can read more about his story here:

This photo is what he looked like right after he was shaved-just to give you an idea of how much matting he had.

No-this is not the dog, it is the actual hair after they cut it. It was so matted that it was stuck together like a shell.

If you can help contribute to his care, please go to the link below and click on donate now:

For most dogs at shelters, they only get that one chance to prove they have a right to live. Rescue organizations give them a second chance – a voice where they have none. One of the biggest reasons that most rescues cannot rescue all the needy pets out there is a lack of foster parents. So please, help us help them. This boy needs a temporary home.

You can email muttsneedlove@aol.com, or me at mlsamet@gmail.com for more details.

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