Friday, February 5, 2010

Dina, Nita and PG County Animal Managment

Yesterday I made my second trip this week to the PG County animal shelter. It is a brand new facility, and a much better place for the animals. It makes me sad, regardless of how much nicer the new shelter is, to go in there and see so many faces. All these animals are worthy and deserving of a family to love and take care of them. All deserving..... Unfortunely, sometimes you can only pull one or two out. So for now, I am trying to stay focused on the successes and the ones that we CAN help. Dina Howard is the rescue coordinator for the shelter, and she tries VERY hard to help place the ones through rescue that haven' t been adopted out through their shelter. She does an amazing job. I know how hard her job must be. I don't think I could do it. Yesterday she took me through the shelter where I just pulled out Harlow, our newest rescue. Here is her photo. (She was drooling quite a bit in my car). She is doing GREAT though, and we already have a few interested families.

Harlow leaving the shelter

There are plenty of other dogs that are beautiful, kind, and loving that are still waiting for their forever home there.
PLEASE-if you are looking for a new dog, adopt. Here is the link to the shelter that has the dogs currently up for adoption.

You can also visit and type in PG County Animal Managment
But more about Harlow and some of the other wonderful dogs at the shelter later....

I got to speak with Nita at the shelter for a little bit. She is the "eyes and ears" there. She sits at the front desk and deals with intake, calls, and more. When someone walks in that wants to give up their animal, they usually see her first. I don't know how she keeps it together.
Nita has three dogs that are absolutely beautiful! A Rotty named Amber Bear, a Cocker named Nicky Boy, and a Bulldog named Bella Red. All of them are just beyond adorable. She was nice enough to send me some photos of her dogs. (and the pet bunny she used to have) Thank you Nita. I just had to share these. It's good evidence that yes, dogs of all sizes and breeds can and do get along. As an FYI, any of these breeds can be found at this shelter and many others in your area. People have the misconception that they cannot get a pure breed dog from a shelter, and that is simply false.
Here are some of the pics of Nita's babies.

Some of the babies together
This is Amber as a baby
Bella is a chunk of pure cuteness

It seems like all Rotty's LOVE the snow. Clearly Nita's does.

I'm thinking of all my friends and loved ones today-that includes the furry ones, and hope that you are all safe and warm today in the snow storm.

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