Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm grateful to be safe and warm....

We got 32 " of snow here over the weekend. I love to watch it fall. It really is soo beautiful. (until the cleanup has to happen...ha!) My dogs on the other hand, aren't fans of the snow when it gets this high. The snow is above their heads and they struggle trying to find a place to go potty. It has been a really cold winter-one of the coldest that I can remember.

When it snows this much, although I am very grateful to have all the wonderful blessings that I do, I still can't help but wonder about all the animals that aren't so lucky. So many animals are kept outside and aren't treated like members of the family. Keeping an animal outside in these conditions is just pure cruelty.

How to recognize cruelty against animals:
  • When a collar is so tight that it has caused a wound or become embedded.
  • Seeing open wounds or visible scars or cuts
  • Untreated skin conditions
  • Extreme thinness or emaciation
  • Fur infested with flees or ticks
  • An owner striking or physically abusing an animal (the obvious one)
  • When an animal is tied up alone with no food, shelter, or water for long periods of time
  • When animals are kept outside in extreme weather without access to shelter
  • Animals are kepts in cages that are overcrowed, too small, and they cannot turn around or stand.
These are just a few signs. But if you do see anything that resembles cruelty in any way, you can report it. That phone call could save a life. If you go to you can find out how to report cruelty in your area. Or you can call 911 and ask to report animal cruelty. This can be done anonymously too if you're uncomfortable being linked to the complaint. Without phone calls, most cases are unlikely to be discovered. We all need to do our part and go out of our way to help those in need. People and animals!!

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