Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you're thinking of adopting..

Sometimes it gets very frustrating in rescue to hear the constant "reasons" why people want to get rid of their animals. I have heard a lot of things through the years-everything from "she/he is too old", to "She/he is just too hyper. We didn't think puppies had this much energy".
It makes me angry because people take on a living creature, and when things get tough they immediately want to give up and turn their animal into a shelter or rescue. They just don't want the responsibility when things get hard. I will never understand how people can discard their valuables that way. This life that depends on you day after day and just wants to be by your side, giving you unconditional love everyday. They ask for nothing in return. If a child gets to be too much, you don't turn them into a shelter to be put to sleep? So why should an animals life be any less important? Sometimes I have to explain this concept to people to make them understand. Every life counts. You can't just give up because it's not convenient. Kids aren't convenient, but yet we don't chain them up outside when we don't want them in the house? But you get the point...

This is a wonderful video from lab rescue about things to think about before you make that commitment. Adopting an animal is a LIFETIME commitment. I want people to get that concept b/c it seems all too often it is forgotten.

An another note, yesterday was a successful day. Linda at PVPC got an email from a woman in Winchester, VA who had to turn in her 14 month old peke. I picked Juju (the peke from Winchester who is now called Juliette) up and took her to a wonderful couple in Alexandria, VA who already had a peke named Owen. They are an amazing home, and it seems the two pekes have already become fast friends. Those are the happy ending we live for!
Here are some pics of them.

This is Juju (who is now called Juliette) before heading to her new home.

This is Owen and Juliette as they are getting to know each other. I am told they have become fast friends over night.


  1. Yay! What a wonderful story for Juliette -- she looks right at home in her new house! And I think she will have lots of fun with her new brother Owen.

    I am equally appalled by all the lame excuses people give when giving up their pets. I just find that I myself love my three guys (and two cats) more and more each day, and I could never imagine parting with them -- no matter what the circumstances -- whether I lost my job, or home -- they are part of our family and part of our lives.

    Thanks for your great post!

  2. Thanks Anna-You know me. I would live in my car before I gave up my pets. No excuse for the excuses!

  3. That's an incredible video. Yes, we have so many reasons for people turning in dogs. The ones we get will have a better life!