Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old souls make the best companions....

My friend Debb who runs S.T.I.C.K.S. (I've mentioned them in prior posts -SUPPLYING TECHNOLOGY IN COUNTY KILL SHELTERS ORG.) is in need of help with a lot of dogs coming out of the GA area. All are worthy, all in need of rescue. It's hard NOT to help. All rescues are short on help, resources, volunteers, and money right now. We all do what we can, but we need to do more. She sent me this please yesterday for the senior dogs below. Senior dogs make wonderful additions to any family. To mention a few reasons why people should adopt senior dogs....

*Older dogs are house trained. You won't have to go through the difficult stage(s) of teaching a puppy house manners and mopping/cleaning up after accidents

*Older dogs are not teething puppies, and won't chew your shoes and furniture while growing up.

*Older dogs can focus well because they've mellowed. Therefore, they learn quickly

*Older dogs settle in easily, because they've learned what it takes to get along with others and become part of a pack.

*Older dogs are good at giving love, once they get into their new, loving home. They are grateful for the second chance they've been given.

*Older dogs leave you time for yourself, because they don't make the kinds of demands on your time and attention that puppies and young dogs do.


The story of these three goes back a few months. They were all three picked up as strays and placed in a rural Georgia shelter. As typical with most older strays, they were in deplorable condition. They all had issues - mange, under weight, parasites, tumors, old injuries - eyes, ears, and even open sores all had to be dealt with. Sadly they were very uncertain of just what a bunch of 'humans' were up to. Evidently they had been living, no not living - more like surviving, on their own for quite some time. Then once they got 'picked up' and 'thrown in jail' their lives were destined to change forever. Thankfully, this time, it would be for the better.

They had a long road to travel, multiple trips to the vets for various conditions and most importantly learning that humans aren't such a bad creature to associate with. Finn quickly learned that living 'indoors' was the life for him and we really think it was his attitude that helped the other two adapt. Granted Marshal and Rusty weren't as eager and it took several attempts before we gained their trust.

Now these three are doing so much better, they have adapted very well, their medical conditions are much better, the old injuries are healed. Our next step is for the three of them to be neutered, and then hopefully they will find that one thing they deserve,a real honest to goodness home - one where they can live the remainder of their lives living in the fantastic indoor.

For more info, you can email Debb at : STICKS.ORG@GMAIL.COM

Thank you for caring!!

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