Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wonderful Rosie

Last month I went on deployment in Alabama with HSUS that involved the confiscation of 109 dogs and 16 cats. It was an awesome experience and extremely rewarding. One of the things that made it so great was meeting so many other animal lovers. It's nice to meet people that share the same passion and dedication. Sometime I start to feel like people think I am one of those "crazy animal activist", but then I meet people just like me and I know it's okay.
All dogs that I come into contact with make an imprint on my heart. But some touch me in a special way. For whatever the reason, there is a spiritual connect. I think you can have that with people AND with animals.

Pictures on site of where the animals were confiscated.

The emergency vehicle used to transport the animals

When I first laid eyes on Rosie, I felt that immediate connection. Maybe it was the look in her eyes that said, " You want to pet me? I'm not worthy of your love". Or maybe it was the fact then whenever I went to pet her, she would wag her tail and turn her back to the wall; She was afraid to make eye contact with anyone. She was afraid and untrusting, not to mention extremely malnourished. But I think what stood out was the look in her eyes. I have seen that look too often. I wish that I could say that Rosie's story was special or unique. But sadly, she represents hundreds of thousand of dogs waiting alone, scared, and hoping for someone to save them. They sit hopelessly longing for that one person that didn't give up on them to come save them. Rosie was one lucky girl because rescue got to her in time.

These are photos of Rosie when she first entered the temporary shelter.

As I mentioned before, one of the wonderful things about this trip was meeting such amazing people. One of the wonderful volunteers I met was a women named Cindy Weimann. Cindy runs animal control for Morgan County in Georgia. Rosie had the same affect on Cindy that she did on me. She fell in love with her and ended up taking her home after the rescue was complete. She is going to make sure that Rosie gets an amazing forever home. I received this from her the other day:

"Rosie is doing great. She has gained weight, made best friends with the little Dach mix we are fostering, has learned to play with toys, but house training is not going very well yet. The outside is just too big a place, but she's getting used to it. "Here are some recent photos of Rosie. She looks like a different dog! Look how wonderful she looks. Cindy has done an amazing job with Rosie. It's amazing what love and kindness can do, and how forgiving dogs are. Thank you Cindy for all the wonderful work you do for the state of GA and for Rosie!

"The tiniest heartbeat is like thunder to God's ears." Author unknown


  1. Look at Rosie! You can see her smiling. You're doing a great job Melanie!!

  2. Thank you Linda-
    Love and light to you.